This is what the critics say about Gabriel's releases: MIDCENTURY MODERN Vol. 2 (2019) …….. thanks for sending the great CD. Put it in iTunes and was listening on the way to Japan! Randy Brecker, Grammy winning trumpeter ______________________________________ "GABRIEL MARK HASSELBACH – “MIDCENTURY MODERN – VOL. 2” Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, trumpet/flugelhorn/flute/valve trombone; Miles Black, piano/organ/bass; Joel Fountain,drums; Cory Weeds,saxophone; Ernie Watts, saxophone; Gord Lemon, electric bass; Olaf DeShield, guitar; Laurence Mollerup, acoustic bass. Trumpet master and multi-talented musician, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach opens with a tune called, “Superblue.” This composition is a super slick and straight-ahead, featuring Miles Black, brilliant on an attention-getting piano solo. Gabriel is a gifted horn player who enjoys crossing genres and blending styles. He can play it all, from Bebop to R&B; Pop to Smooth jazz. The repertoire and melodies on this volume 2 “MidCentury Modern” production are catchy. They’re familiar. the horn lines punch bright, staccato lines that punctuate these unforgettable tunes. The Hasselbach arrangements are well-written. On the second track, “Driftin’, “Cory Weeds steps into the spotlight on saxophone and he swings hard. The 3rd track on this album proffers a Latin groove, combined with a straight-ahead jazz production that reminds me of the infectious music of the late, great Eddie Harris. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach records party jazz. His music makes me happy. You feel joyful energy and emotion from these musicians. In Hasselbach’s discography of fifteen album releases, there are only a few mainstream albums. Most of his music has been geared towards the contemporary jazz market. This has earned Hasselbach ten Billboard hits and an album of the Year and Instrumentalist of the Year Awards. I’m used to hearing albums that include Hasselbach’s original music and a more Smooth Jazz approach. However, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is just as effective and prolific playing bebop and straight-ahead jazz as he is in the contemporary category. Gabriel explained, in his liner notes, the direction of his current album release. New video: “On this project, rather than recording predominantly original material as I often do, I chose soulful tunes from the 50’s and 60’s that have influenced me and have a timeless quality. This album is the complete me; a seamless melding of mainstream, contemporary and NOLA styles. … a trifecta of jazz where the sum is greater than the parts.” On the familiar tune, “Jazz ‘n Samba” Gabriel Mark Hasselbach picks up his flute to add more spice to this already spicy Latin production. It’s unusual for a trumpet player to also master a reed instrument, but Hasselbach is not your usual suspect. He performs beautifully on the flute. “This album is a tasty homage to the classic jazz flag-bearers I grew up listening to: Blue Mitchell, Carmell Jones, Horace Silver, Freddie Hubbard, Chet Baker, Stan Getz, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Jimmy Smith, Clifford Brown, Joe Gordon, Hank Mobley, Herbie Mann, \Jobim and many others,” Gabriel Mark Hasselbach explains. “Jazz is in my bones and I am sure I’ll die clutching my horn to my chest.” I am deeply moved by Gabriel’s interpretation of the very beautiful “Nature Boy” composition. On “Sister Sadie,” he reminds us of the genius of Horace Silver and his many hit jazz standard compositions, like this one. On the tune, “I’m Gonna Go Fishin’,” Hasselbach plunges his horn for a gritty, soulful effect and Mike Black uses an organ to embellish this production. Every song on this album is well-played and beautifully produced by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. This is a compact disc you will enjoy playing time after time. Dee Dee McNeil (read full review) ____________________________________ FOUR STARS “Gabriel melded mainstream, contemporary and NOLA styles. But although he broadens his horizons, I still prefer his smooth jazz! Patrick Van de Wiele Smooth Jazz Europe (read full review) ________________________________________________________- Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - Midcentury Modern Volume 2 80 O's Notes: Canadian smooth jazz sensation Gabriel Mark Hasselbach brings us some heat to close out 2019. We enjoyed the first volume of MidCentury Modern (79) and Volume 2 is equally good as Gabriel continues to dance with straight ahead jazz. The trumpeter surrounds himself with featured guests Miles Black (keyboards), Ernie Watts (sax) and Cory Weeds (sax). Black tickles the ivory on “Chick’s Tune” before they get a little funky on the radio mix of “Super Blue”. We also enjoyed “Mamacita” and “Nature Boy”. D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter P.O. Box 38430 Charlotte, NC 28278 ____________________________________ RADIO GOLD (2019) 96 out of 100! Subject: O's Place Review Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - Radio Gold 96 O's Notes: Coming on the heels of his traditional standards album [Midcentury Modern Vol. 1], trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (flugelhorn, flute & valve trombone) unleashes a fierce smooth jazz attack with Radio Gold! The gold refers to his Billboard hits along with some other new, funky tunes - 19 in all! As always Hasselbach includes an all-star supporting cast with Ronny Jordan (g) on “Way After 8”; Jeff Lorber (keys) on three selections notably “Mulberry Street” & “Starpixie”; Warren Hill (sax) on “East Coast”; Paul Brown (g) on “Equate Her”; Walle Larsson (sax) on “Lock It Up”; and Bob Baldwin (p) on “Charmed Life”. Other standouts are “Ready When You Are”, “Kissed By The Sun” and “Shake It Down” with Gabriel leading the charge. Contemporary jazz fans can’t miss with this one! D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter P.O. Box 38430 Charlotte, NC 28278 _______________________ “Canadian trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's relationship to popularity is reciprocally correlated to his skills as a musician. For having an extraordinary talent in composition and performance, he is relatively undiscovered. He has released meanwhile thirteen albums displaying the key qualities of contemporary jazz, smooth jazz and straight ahead jazz. His new album Radio Gold (2019) is like a best of his previous works encompassing nineteen tracks including nine Billboard hits. Gabriel plays trumpet, flute, flugelhorn & valve 'bone on his album. Featured artists are Miles Black, Greg Manning, Lew Laing, Bob Baldwin, Jeff Lorber (keys and key bass), Warren Hill, Rock Hendricks, Walle Larson (sax), Ronny Jordan, Paul Brown, Rob Tardik, Adam Rohrlick (guitar), Dee and Brittani Cole (vocals). King James was originally released on Gabriel's album Kissed By The Sun (2012). The song shines with a perfect horn arrangement that features Gabriel Rock Hendricks on the saxophone. The funky rhythm guitar creeps into your soul and even some vintage organ makes the funk authentic. Way After 8 gives us a reunion with the all-too-prematurely deceased guitarist Ronny Jordan. The tune was originally recorded as After 8 on the same named album by Ronny (2004) [and rerecorded just prior to Ronny’s passing]. Gabriel seamlessly integrates his outstanding trumpet into the reworked song. It's Real is the second tune taken from the album Kissed By The Sun. Toronto native Rob Tardik is since two decades an in-demand guitarist of the Canadian music scene and is featured on this song. Of course, the title song of the aforementioned album should not be missing. Hasselbach and keyboardist Jeff Lorber are the dream team be it as performers or composers of this album. Hasselbach also chooses Kindness from this outstanding album on which Jeff Lorber lets the keyboards groove in an unbelievable manner. The Rhodes is without any doubt his trade mark. Gabriel's 2010 release Told You So won ‘Album of the Year’ and [he] ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ at the 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. Also notable from this album is Shake It Down with Rock Hendricks on sax, which is completely under the sign of the funk. Lovelight from the album Open Invitation (2014) is the only vocal tune, featuring singers Dee and Brittani Cole, romancing the candlelight atmosphere. Mulberry Street from the album Cool Down (2008), perfects the interplay between Gabriel and Jeff Lorber to a new contemporary jazz summit. Quickly following is the blazing title song of the above-mentioned album on which Rock Hendricks joins the both on sax. Equate Her is taken from Told You So. The bouncing song features Paul Brown on guitar. Gabriel skillfully varies between trumpet and flute. East Coast from Cool Down presents saxophonist Warren Hill, who makes himself scarce [these days] with his own new releases. The the horn arrangement is exquisite as always. Peace Song has made it on three albums in all: Told You So, Sweet And Sexy (2018) and on this album. The steel drums deliver a nice Caribbean flair and Paul Brown serves up his blissful guitar chords again. Count Me In, the first track from [the 2014 album] Open Invitation, shows off guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Adam Rohrlick, and who shares with Gabriel the passion for Vancouver. Rockin' the Ribjoint, found on the album Told You So, is a further worthy collaboration between Hasselbach (muted trumpet, flute) and Jeff Lorber (keys, Hammond B3 organ), celebrating the funk. Keyboardist Greg Manning is the featured musician on Propulsion with a winking quote of Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Gabriel played trumpet on Bob Baldwin's album Twenty (Chameleon 3000). Bob returns the favor on Charmed Life. Bob shows his mastery of the piano, and Gabriel pulls on the same level. The funk infused Lock It Up showcases saxophonist Walle Larson, while Hasselbach plays the first role on trumpet. Ready When You Are spreads a more melancholic atmosphere, featuring Hasselbach on flute, muted trumpet and trumpet. Starpixie (from Kissed By The Sun) is the last tune of this excellent collection featuring anew Jeff Lorber on keys and synth bass, a deadly combination. However the real star is Gabriel Mark Hasselbach shining on flute and trumpet again. Listening to Radio Gold is pure pleasure, but for the radio programmer rather a torture, because he delivers such an almost inexhaustible selection of highly qualified songs. Never before has the title of an album been so appropriate as in this case. I seldom had such a superb collection [to review]!” Hans-Bernd Hülsmann, Düsseldorf, Germany Reviewer for Smooth Jazz Daily at _________ "Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's "RADIO GOLD" is My NEW Favorite Album ..... Words I use to describe: Tasty, Groovin', Head bobbin', Sweet, In the Pocket, Smoooooooth, and of course excellent horn tones. Need I say more? Enjoy"....... Rick Forte - Music Correspondent for WLOQ, IHeart, etc / Musician / Fan ______ “Brilliant! Very well done my dear friend! You’re playing great and the production is top notch! We’ve both come a long way from [our days in] Nitro!” Steve Sykes, Rupert House Studios engineer/producer ~clients include Dave Koz, Al Jarreau, Rippingtons, Diane Schuur, Mindi Abair, Paul Taylor, Lalah Hathaway, etc ______ Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - RADIO GOLD Label: Windtunnel Records Nr.: WT361405 Distributor: Website: Rating: ****½ out of ***** “His most radio friendly release ever! Canadian hornmeister Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has outdone himself. He chose 19 tracks from his repertoire, including 9 Billboard hits, plus other new and overlooked funky-smooth tunes. But there’s more, because most of these tracks are collaborations with other artists. Gabriel opens with ‘King James’, which features saxophonist Rock Hendricks, a real funky duet. After that, you can enjoy his new single ‘Way After 8’, a tune written with George Benson, and performed here with the late guitarist Ronny Jordan. I really dig it! Another guitarist joins the cast on ‘It’s Real’, and that’s Rob Tardik. This sounds so smooth. ‘Kissed By the Sun’ is a older track, but stays beautiful, while veteran Jeff Lorber can be heard on ‘Kindness’. Rock Hendricks comes back for the up-tempo ‘Shake it Down’, while ‘Lovelight’ is destined for romantic moments. Cool fusion reigns on ‘Mulberry Street’, again with Jeff Lorber, followed by ‘Cool Down’, again with Rock Hendricks. Veteran guitarist & producer Paul Brown joins Gabriel on the slightly funky ‘Equate Her’, while sax man Warren Hill is present on the slightly hip hop sounds of ‘East Coast’. Paul Brown comes back for the island sounds of ‘Peace Song’, and multi-instrumentalist Adam Rohrlick can be heard on the very relaxed ‘Count Me In’. After that, Gabriel choses to go ‘Rockin’ the Ribjoint’ in a funky way, while keyboardist Greg Manning adds his flavor to the driving ‘Propulsion’. Another keyboardist, Bob Baldwin, teams up with Gabriel for ‘Charmed Life’, followed by saxophonist Walle Larsson, who was invited for the funky ‘Lock It Up’. Things calm down for the lovely, smooth ‘Ready When You Are’, and the album closes with the fusion infused ‘Starpixie’, for which Jeff Lorber is well known. If this album doesn’t makes it into the radio charts, then I don’t know it anymore. Gabriel proves here that he can handle everything, and it’s easy to see why he can stand next to Rick Braun, Chris Botti, Cindy Bradley. I’m very pleased to be a part of his musical friends. This album is not only gold for the radio but also for your personal collection! Patrick Van de Wiele __________ MIDCENTURY MODERN, VOL. 1 (2018) I just had a chance to listen to Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s album “MidCentury Modern” and was astonished by all the great playing and great production values. Whether playing on a swing or funk tune, his great tone and impeccable phrasing comes through every time, like liquid gold. My favourite tracks are Mississippi Jump, Terra Firma where he and Ernie Watts swing their buns off and UberSmooth where Gabriel shows off his ability to make hearts melt. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has outdone himself on this album. Jeremy Monteiro - Singapore-based International jazz pianist/composer/author and EFG Bank International Arts Ambassador ___ Once again, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has produced an album of fine jazz, combining the Straight-ahead style with modern jazz and what he refers to as MidCentury music, all woven together like the lovely, colorful threads of a Canadian poncho. You can wrap yourself up in his music and feel warm and satisfied. There is a beautiful vocal on “Nature Boy” sung by Mike Taylor. His voice is smooth and sweet as warmed caramel candy. It was a nice surprise to hear a vocal on Hasselbach’s normally all instrumental project. The third tune, “Blues on My Mind,” features Cory Weeds on tenor saxophone. He swings hard, along with pianist Miles Black. This tune moves from a moderate blues into a straight-ahead double-time tempo. There’s a horn refrain that harmonically pulls the piece together, as a comfortable reference point throughout. “Terra Firma Irma” is another one of my favorite compositions on this album and it features the great Ernie Watts on tenor saxophone. However, it’s the fiery Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, on trumpet, (sometimes flute), that brings this project to a boil. He keeps the music alive and swinging throughout. Hasselbach always manages to insert bold funk and lovely melodies into productions that make you want to dance, sing and swing. JAZZIN’ IT UP By Dee Dee McNeil/Jazz Journalist ___ “Very nicely done, adroitly performed and produced. Truly a high-level project.” Rick Scott, Great Scott P.R.oductions (unsolicited) ____ O's Notes: “This is an unusual outing for Hasselbach in that it’s dominated by traditional standards. He does a fine job of it! Hasselbach assembles his dream team including Ernie Watts (sax), Cory Weeds (sax) and Miles Black (p). We particularly enjoyed a modernized tribute to Miles’s “So What... Now?” featuring Gabriel and bassist Laurence Mollerup, and “Terra Firma Irma” showcasing Watts. Mike Taylor steps up to the mic for “Nature Boy”. There is also a taste of NOLA with Comin’ Home For Mardi Gras, and two takes on “Mississippi Jump”. D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter P.O. Box 38430 Charlotte, NC 28278 ----------- "What I love the most about Gabe is his utter fearlessness. Not one to ever rest on past grooves, he charts new and exciting territory with each new CD. Mid Century Modern, Vol 1 is full of delicious jazzy delights. My favourite - Ubersmooth - totally my kind of jazz. Sexy, sultry, moody, mesmerizing. I love it!" Vickie van Dyke Singer, Broadcaster, Writer Morning Host at ____ SWEET and SEXY (2018) From Europe: A double album compilation! Rating: **** out of ***** “Hornmeister Gabriel Mark Hasselbach delved into his extensive catalog, and came up with this double album, filled with 27 tracks. It contains tracks from his previous albums, absolutely the smoothest, most inviting, romantic and sensuous songs, on which he plays flugelhorn, flute, trumpet, wind synths etc. On disc one you can hear on ‘That Look In Your Eyes’ Miles Black, ‘How Long Is Forever’ features vocalist Amanda Wood, ‘Slow Hot Wind’ is a cover of Sarah Vaughan, ‘Aurora Borealis’ has Rock Hendricks on sax, ‘Funk In Deepfreeze’ features the late Chuck Loeb on guitar, and on ‘A Kiss To Build A Dream On’ Gabriel sings himself! Disc two features Michael Bublé on ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’, guitarist Marc Antoine on ‘In Santo Quala’, Cal Harris Jr. on ‘Open Invitation’, keyboardist Jeff Lorber on ‘Ready When You Are’, vocalist Nancy Ruth on ‘To Say Goodbye’, a cover of the classic ‘Moonlight In Vermont’, Torben Oxbol on ‘Living The Good Life’, and guitarist Paul Brown on ‘Peace Song’. Gabriel plays beautifully, so that this compilation is the perfect accompaniment for your cocktail parties, late night chillin’ by the fireplace, or to enjoy in bed. Two hours for your enjoyment that I only can recommend. This proves what talent Gabriel has in stock. Furthermore his entire back catalog has been remastered and is once again available.” Patrick Van de Wiele Smooth Jazz Europe GABRIEL’S HOLIDAY NOTES “Gabriel is still busy remastering his back catalog, and in 1989 till 2000, he recorded some tunes for the holidays, but for some reason, it was never available on the Internet. Now he has remastered it and here it is, a bit late for Christmas, but still worthwhile! Gabriel plays trumpet, flute and flugelhorn beautifully. An occasion to relive the Christmas spirit!” Patrick Van de Wiele Smooth Jazz Europe OPEN INVITATION (2014) From the USA: “Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's new CD "Open Invitation" on which he wrote all the tunes and plays trumpet, flugel,alto and C flutes, ‘valve bone, and EVI, is a tour de force of arranging and production. Each tune also features a famous guest artist all of whom fit perfectly into the picture. Gabriel sounds great on easy task, and should be really proud of this one! You'll find yourself humming these tunes when you least expect it!” ....... Randy Brecker "You might expect a cat with the name Gabriel to blow trumpet. But Gabriel Mark Hasselbach also displays his mastery on flugelhorn, alto and c melody flutes, valve trombone, and electronic valve instrument.Having sharpened his skills on stages alongside everyone f rom Michael Bublé, Jeff Lorber and Chuck Loeb to Little Richard, George Benson and John Lee Hooker, Hasselbach has a vast tonal palette from which to draw. He's also won acclaim for his own smooth jazz discography, which spans more than 30 years. On his l atest, the aptly titled Open Invitation (Windtunnel), Hasselbach recruited friends and associates who just happen to rank among some of the top names in the contemporary jazz world. Pianist Bob Baldwin, and saxophonists Bob Mintzer, Rock Hendricks and Cory Weeds all lend their talents to this set of Hasselbach originals. 'Count Me In', [on the enclosed disc], kicks off the recording with some bluesy textures, thanks to guitarist Adam Rohrlick, who can effortlessly conjure B.B. King or Wes Montgomery. Hasselbach's trumpet, flugelhorn, and flute lines drift enticingly over and around the laid-back groove." .... JAZZIZ Magazine ".....Riveting sound ......solid groove-packed ..... loaded with both soothing and searingly funky jazz just like we C-jazzers like it. After his scorching 2012 Kissed By the Sun release, who could expect anything less from this prolific trumpeter who not only cranks out his own quality albums but is featured on albums by other top-notch artists, as well. ....Hasselbach also has some straight-ahead work under his belt – and you may be able to detect some of that influence ....much to the delight of the C-jazzers of the world. This album, which also features him on flugelhorn and flutes, has some cool contributors like keyboardists Greg Manning, Cal Harris Jr., and Bob Baldwin, and saxman Bob Mintzer of Yellowjackets fame. They all make this one cool, flowing party. Suffice it to say that Hasselbach not only consistently has a handle on the C-jazz groove but again works it to perfection here on Open Invitation. ~ Ronald Jackson- read full review here “Good job!” [Jeff Lorber, Grammy winning fusion artist] Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - Open Invitation 4/4 “Canadian trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach returns on Open Invitation with his proven formula for success: a cadre of talented guest artists, fresh, funky rhythms .... these are a few of the highlights in yet another winning set from GMH.” [O's Place Jazz Notes] From Canada: WAVE FM - PD and Morning Host double review Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's sheer talent alone has long made him worthy of having his name mentioned in the same sentence with many, if not all, of his contemporaries on the jazz music scene. For anyone to argue the point, I would openly invite them to get a fix of Gabe's new energy charged release Open Invitation and learn the truth. Because the truth of the matter is that the west coast based trumpeter has rifled off an astounding collection of freshly written tunes which explain why music critics and smooth jazz media are all over this one with ramped-up enthusiasm, and open arms and ears. Open Invitation is a collective effort with some of Gabe's A-list friends dropping into the sessions to complement this 10-track labour of love, following up his 2012 sensation Kissed By The Sun. Among the smooth elites are keyboardists Greg Manning, Cal Harris Jr., Bob Baldwin, saxophonist Bob Mintzer of the Yellowjackets, the multi-faceted Lew Laing Jr. (co-writer and co-producer), just to offer quick list of the notable talent infused throughout the project. The lift-off for Open Invitation was the skyrocket single Propulsion which with a funky energetic rhythm and the painfully tight trumpet jabs alongside Manning's electrifying melodic piano brilliance, easily had the first release soaring skywards on numerous smooth jazz charts and playlists. And while the album inspires several moods and styles, it's the lead off track in particular that I find sets the precedent for the overall representative sound on Open Invitation. Charmed Life is undeniably stylish and charming, working with keyboardist Baldwin to meld their talents into a nearly endless mid tempo melodic explosion. Gabe does it up spectacularly on Let's Do This Thang, as he and guitarist Olaf deShield offer up a richly flowing and bouncy groove, complete with lush trumpet, guitar, and synthesized melodies to make this track another instant pick hit. Enlist a legend like The Yellowjackets' Mintzer and you instantly set yourself up for another winning track such as Let It Ride, another solid of example of funk infused groove with attitude that is as playful as it is serious. Showcasing Gabe's multi-dimensional talents as a performer, composer, and producer is the soulfully romantic track Lovelight with the sensuous vocals of Dee and Brittani Cole. It's a simmering slow burn and perfect mood setter to signal the start of potential 'night games' once the sun fades. If there's one thing that is consistent about Open Invitation, it's that the encompassing sound brings together all of the elements of an album that raises the bar for coolness, style, chicness, and a compelling elegant vibe. Yet it's only accomplished by the enormous talent that exists on the recordings, and backed up by brilliant instrumentation and some of the finest production techniques, which only enhance the razor sharp trumpet work, airy and melodic flute work, edgy flugelhorn, in addition to the perfect rhythmic and synthesized arrangements. But if there is one winning ingredient that makes this a top priority for smooth music lovers, it's the heavy dose of passion that takes every aspect and effort of Open Invitation to whole new level. ~ Reviewed by Stu Berketo Vickie van Dyke also reviewed this album. Here's her review: He is back ... and he is back with more horsepower than a flaming Ferrari! The big winner at the 2012 Smooth Jazz Awards, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is full steam ahead with his new CD "Open Invitation", rocketing out of the gate with an open-throttle collection jam-packed with energy, verve, sass, bite and a whole lot of groove. From the passionate power of the lead-off single "Propulsion" (featuring the blazing chops of Greg Manning on piano) to the funky-fine finesse of "Charmed Life" (with Bob Baldwin) to the silky smooth sensuality of "Lovelight" (with Dee and Brittani Cole adding velvety vocals), Gabe is a man-on-fire on every track. No stranger to star-power, he has worked with Michael Buble, Steve Oliver, Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown, Bob James, Gino Vanelli, Rob Tardik ... well, you get the picture. This Vancouver-based musical master plays with the big boys because he can. Whether trumpet, flute or fluglehorn (oh how I love that word!) GMH proves time and time again that he is worthy of every accolade. Top twenty Billboard hits, a Juno, several smoothies and a west coast music award, he is only just getting started. Open Invitation invites all music lovers to a first-class party of performers. Cal Harris Jr., Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets) and Rock Hendricks (Paul Hardcastle) also show up and it's like musical champagne a-flowing. Every track is original (both literally and figuratively) and sumptuous. My only complaint - when Gabe sent me the CD he signed the cellophane cover. Oops. No matter, honey. I don't need your autograph. I will accept your Open Invitation and anxiously await the next one from a true trumpeting treasure. ~ Vickie van Dyke, Morning Host read full reviews here "I recently received trumpeter Gabriel Hasselbach's new cd Open Invitation and I highly recommend it! It's fast, classy and progressive and full of great all-star guest performers. I can see why the first single release, Propulsion, with special guest Greg Manning is sweeping the jazz world - it's just great music! I guarantee months of repeat playing of Gabriel's new music on my jazz program! Keep up the good work and great music Gabriel!" ~ Bill Sharpe, host of Newfoundland's only jazz program Cool Jazz On The Coast "Just wanted to say hi and tell you that I’ve been listening to your “Open Invitation” CD, and I’m really enjoying it! It’s great to hear you expressing yourself using ALL of the colours in your palette, and to hear the way you use them to add spice and variety to different sections in your tunes. Great guests too - and top notch compositions and production. Well done, my friend!" ~ Nathen Aswell, Keynote Speaker / Recording Artist, From Switzerland: Gabriel - Open Invitation (2014) “Trumpet player Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - or just ‘Gabriel’ - comes up with an awesome album full of memorable tracks and tons of first-rate guest players, like Bob Mintzer, Bob Baldwin, Greg Manning and many others. The music is groovy and offers a lot of variety, the musicianship is on a high level, and the smooth trumpet and flugelhorn playing of the leader holds it all together. Great stuff!” ~ Peter Boehi Switzerland From Germany: “With Open Invitation it becomes apparent that Gabriel needn't shy away from comparison with any other trumpeter in the world.” [Hans-Bernd Hülsmann, From Belgium: "An open invitation to get acquainted with Gabriel’s music.... It’s been 3 years since I reviewed Gabriel’s latest album ‘Kissed by the Sun’ here, and for this new one he set to top that. Next to his fiery trumpet and spacious flute, he gave other musicians the opportunity to help him, and those are keyboardists Greg Manning, Bob Baldwin and Cal Harris Jr., Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets sax), Rock Hendricks (Paul Hardcastle sax), as well as breakout stars such as guitarists Adam Rohrlick and Olaf deShield. Opener and second single ‘Count Me In’ features guitarist Adam Rohrlick and Gabriel blows a laidback groove. The first single ‘Propulsion’ features Greg Manning on piano and landed in the top 15. The title track is a really smooth tune with Cal Harris Jr. on keyboards, while ‘Init2Winit’ is a happy song. On ‘Charmed Life’ you can hear the piano of Bob Baldwin, while romance is in the air on the ballad ‘Lovelight’ with vocalists Dee & Brittani Cole. After that comes ‘Let’s Do This Tang’ with Olaf deShield on guitar, but it’s the latinesque ‘Let It Slide’ with sax man Bob Mintzer that turns it funky. ‘Aurora Borealis’ is more relaxed, and Gabriel takes us to the islands with ‘Carte Blanche’. Indeed, a nice melodic album, that shows Gabriel’s versatility. There’s not a bad track here!" Patrick Van de Wiele ------ KISSED BY THE SUN (2012 remastered 2018)

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------ INTERNATIONAL A & R "Look out Rick Braun. Move over Chris Botti. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is a talent to be reckoned with." Joseph Bertie The Warner Music Group " .... Hasselblast! [Hasselbach's 1986 album] ... was 20 years ahead of its day. It was better than Botti is now, and right in there with Hubert Laws in terms of contemporary jazz flute" Arnold Schwisberg, Broadcaster and Founder & Producer of Jazz On The Mountain At Blue (2011 comment) TOLD YA SO (2010 remastered 2018) “Spun Peace Song during my show this past Tuesday. GREAT music! I can see why he was voted album of the year. I love the other guys that are featured on this album too. Please forward the CD so I can feature other cuts. Please convey my best wishes to Gabriel. You can bet I'll be looking for him if he tours anywhere in New England.” Garry Dolan, Host, Smoothicopia WSCA 901 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801 “Horn player Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, aka Gabriel, has joined forces with Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown, Marc Antoine and Darren Rahn for his brand new release ‘Told Ya So’. Predictably, the result is something quite special. Gabriel co-writes twelve of the songs with Miles Black (who plays keyboards, bass and guitar on each of them) another with Lorber and the collection is rounded off by the addition of one superb cover. Indeed the project brims with understated magnificence and has already garnered a nomination in the category ‘Album of the Year’ at the upcoming Wave Awards that will be held on April 29, 2011 in Ontario Canada. In addition it has led to Gabriel being nominated as Instrumentalist of the Year at the same event but, awards ceremonies notwithstanding, the legacy of ‘Told Ya So’ will surely be in the quality of its music. The restrained nature of the entire piece is a wonderful plus and is exemplified by a haunting version of the Temptations blockbuster ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’. Its positioning as the opening track really sets a mood that is replicated often and none more so than with the beguiling ‘Azure Moon’ for which Black on keys is excellent. ‘Told Ya So’ was produced by the pairing of Gabriel and Miles Black while Gabriel also had a hand in mixing, this time in partnership with the acclaimed Paul Brown. In fact Brown plays guitar on the easy grooving ‘Equate Her’ where his interplay with Gabriel is terrific. Undoubtedly one of the album’s best tunes it is in the good company of ‘Releasing’ where the input of rising star Darren Rahn on tenor sax adds hugely to this sultry cut. ‘Haranara’ proves to be a textbook example of mid tempo smooth jazz that shows every sign of becoming seriously addictive and when Gabriel is joined by Jeff Lorber for the controlled yet edgy ‘Rockin The Ribjoint’ it allows him to demonstrate his collective prowess on trombone, trumpet and flute. Truth to tell Gabriel multi tasks throughout and for ‘Beyond The Stars’ adds flugelhorn to his impressive repertoire. This turned down charmer says much about what ‘Told Ya So’ is all about and although ‘Peace Song’ has a light reggae infusion it remains completely in keeping with the album’s overall tranquil vibe. The CD’s one vocal number is ‘How Long Is Forever’ which finds the soulful tones of Amanda Wood being perfectly complemented by Gabriel’s latin tinged trumpet and although he takes a detour into jazz fusion for ‘The Road Less Travelled’ he is quickly back on mellow message for ‘That Look In Your Eyes’ which exudes a romantically smoky aura. On those occasions when Gabriel does notch up the tempo the effect is as delightful as it is surprising. This is particularly so with the jazzy ‘Shake It Down’ where Rock Hendricks on sax makes a notable contribution but it when Gabriel slips back into reflective mode that ‘Told Ya So’ really delivers. The magically introspective ‘In Santo Quala’ features some truly beautiful playing from guitar maestro Marc Antoine but just shading it as a Smooth Jazz Therapy top track is the deconstructed but totally hypnotic ‘Pastels’. With Gabriel and Miles Black again sharing the honors, chilled out contemporary jazz doesn’t come better than this. ‘Told Ya So’ is a worthy addition to Gabriel’s already considerable discography and even though he has enjoyed protracted solo success in both Asia and Canada, it looks likely to elevate him to smooth jazz stardom.” For Smooth Jazz Therapy and Smooth Jazz Vibes, Denis Poole “TOLD YA SO is the right title for this new release from Canada’s best-known horn player Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. We have been telling ya for many years that this Juno Award-winning (and recent recipient of two Canadian Wave Awards) artist is fiery and smoldering. With more than a dozen solo releases, Gabriel has a distinct sound to his playing… sophisticated, warm and sexy on all his instruments he plays (trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, trombone and digital winds). Combine that with Gabriel's special guests Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown, Marc Antoine and Darren Rahn and you’ve got a flammable contemporary jazz cocktail that is sultry, exciting and smooth. This award winning album (Album of the Year at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards) opens with a chilled out version of 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone' and flows into "Rockin’ The Ribjoint," followed by 12 more killer tunes including the new single and perfect summer tonic "Peace Song." (Paul Brown is featured on the radio remix.) Gabriel has already toured Australia this year and TOLD YA SO has landed in the Top 20 most played albums on Aussie Radio, as well as cracking the Top 50 in the U.S.! Don’t make us tell you so again… this is a must have from a proven success!“ Sandy Shore/ COOL DOWN (2008 remastered 2018) "Cool Down is the slick new jazz album from Gabriel. This guy is good, very good..... What makes Gabriel notable is his versatility..... Gabriel gives us lots to enjoy here .... If you like jazz, you will love this CD. 9-out-of-10." Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week “This album was masterminded by Hasselbach (tpt, flgh, flutes) and Jeff Lorber (keys, b, g). They come at you hard with the funky smooth jazz that we've come to expect from either of them. It is all new stuff with Victor Bailey adding the thump on bass and vox on "Check This Out". They open with a killer "Cool Down" featuring Rock Hendricks on tenor sax. Warren Hill (as) makes a strong guest appearance on "East Coast". "Snap To It" has that traditional Lorber 'pop' and they add a taste of Brazil on "Recife". The duo delivers non-stop. It is a sizzler!” D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Jazz Newsletter FIRST NAME BASIS (2005 remastered 2018) “The latest ‘First Name Basis’will find a home along side the others. Solid playing, steady grooves and masterful writing. The title track says it all....’Take That’....I will and lots more. Keep it smooth." Bob Farrow, Music Director, CIWV-Wave 94.7fm. “Gabriel chooses his musical weapons wisely.... Versatile & well-versed, Hasselbach has forged a career as a pioneer and innovator on the Canadian contemporary scene & with each successive project he continues to raise the bar!! Gabriel ... First Name Basis is another excellent effort & one on which Hasselbach continues to provide ample proof that he belongs among the elite of Smooth Jazz artists. Several selections rank among the finest that he's ever recorded and undoubtedly Gabriel will win over a new legion of fans with this release!!” Ted Hasiuk - Jazz Lynx Cafe Jazz Radio SWINGIN' AFFAIR (2005 remastered 2018) “Love the CD Swingin' Affair! Very excited to play it for our listeners. What a service to bring this level of jazz to a large geographic area in the middle of the USA!” Mary Palmer Music Director High Plains Public Radio/KANZ GABRIEL'S HORNS (2004 remastered 2018) ”In this age of specialization, it is a challenge to be a specialist in diversification, yet this is where I find myself." If Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s music is jazz, then Gabriel’s Horns could sell as a franchise. It is targeted to listeners who play music to brighten their days. Hasselbach achieves this goal beautifully in just over 60 minutes. The sound is slickly dripped with an honesty that makes this music hard to place within jazz, or without it. Accomplished and relaxing, Gabriel’s Horns has value added in production elements that serve to remove the edge from any given day. “Uber Smooth” uses raindrop keyboard effects reminiscent of the Doors’ “Riders on the Storm,” yet this song contrasts the spatial effect with highly competent horn playing. “Groovalicious Bumpus” shakes you out of sedation in a nine-minute groove that pumps with purposeful attitude. “When You Look for Love” would be smooth jazz radio’s obvious choice. “Soulmates” soothingly explores musical paths that were defined 20 years ago, but it does so well. The back half of the record re-establishes a rejuvenating catharsis of smooth music. The title track is the best song on this record, a potpourri of winded aural environments with a lovely melody line spaced by layered keyboard textures. Critics may deem this record to be too slick. If slick is bad, Hasselbach is guilty, but he unabashedly excels in the music’s mainstream. Gabriel’s Horns is absolutely produced. The mix is clear yet textured, incorporating a world of sounds. The whole record holds 4/4 time, songs are strategically slow-faded, and the last two tracks are vocal reprisals of their former selves. This record is as much created as played. Gabriel’s Horns packs musical ideas into a density that acknowledges commerce, but Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is easily talented enough to deviate from that norm in the future. If you think real jazz must be hard to grasp, you won’t like this record. Those of us who shun that debate are drawn to this music as a fan is to art.” (Staff Review) "Highly competent horn playing.... a potpourri of winded aural environments..... unabashedly excels in the music's mainstream" Gregory J. Robb "GABRIEL'S HORNS has a long shelf life, you will not be taking this one out of the CD player anytime soon." Sandy Shore/ "Good Smooth Jazz should appeal to a wider audience but maintain some semblance of Jazz and this album does that....... catchy grooves .... an ingredient that may please the traditionalists who are not usually open to Smooth Jazz....... I see "Gabriel's Horns" as another hit album in a very successful career." John Beaudin 103.1 The Breeze/ "Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is a talented multi-instrumentalist whose music receives prominent airplay on the Jazz Cafe channel here at Max Trax. Maui Rain has a smooth groove that fits in perfectly with our sound. This bright, sunny song is only the first of what I hope to be several single releases from "Gabriel's Horns" -- we want more!" Carol Ann Murray, MaxTrax Performance: 5, Sound: 4, “Gabriel reigns as one of Canada's best contemporary jazz artists. He plays trumpet, flugelhorn, flutes and percussion all with a warm, smooth character. Most of the music was written and produced by Hasselbach with strong contributions from Jeff Holl (guitar, keyboards). The tunes immediately sound familiar and relaxing. Upbeat vocals from Christine Duncan add variety to the mix including a fresh arrangement of " Chain of Fools". Some of the best are "Uber Smooth", "Turn On To Summer", "When You Look For Love" and "Concubine" but we guarantee contemporary jazz lovers will find lots to like among the 13 tracks.“ [O's Place Jazz Newsletter] LIVE ON MAUI (2001) [out of print] “…… a recording that should be in every music library in the country…. an excellent recording which should propel Hasselbach to a prominent position in Canadian music and beyond. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is easily Canada's best kept secret in music, a talent deserving of much broader recognition.” Ray Alexander [Host/Producer of ‘Fascinatin' Rhythm ‘ CKUW Radio', Founder of Jazz Winnipeg Festival & contributor to The Jazz Report Magazine] "Hasselbach's music is a fresh new sound in the world of Smooth Jazz and I am pleased to inform you that we have added three tracks from his latest works to our main rotate on the Australian Smooth Jazz Radio Network. We will probably add another couple of tracks to our main rotate in the coming months. Like a fine wine, good music must be enjoyed to its fullest. Gabriel Mark's fine artistry seems to successfully combine the commercial aspects of Smooth Jazz with the overtures of true contemporary jazz. I recommend you buy it. And see why the listeners Down Under find it so enjoyable." -Terence Gaynon, Program Director, Australian Smooth Jazz Radio Network "A welcome import on the Maui and Hawaiian jazz scene! Great production, terrific tunes, and it sounds hot on my jazz show!" Jack Gist, Jack's Jazz, KAOI Wailuku “This multi-talented musician tackles brass duties with taste; he moves smoothly through flugelhorn, flute, trumpet, and alto flute instrumentation. His grasp of electronic wind instruments is also noteworthy…” Mark D’Antonio, Maui Time Review “… jazz works best when an artist combines different elements of the jazz umbrella and Hasselbach does this on ‘Live On Maui’. Hasselbach’s own Salsa Picosa sounds like a smooth jazz hit single if there ever was one. The vibe here is bright, happy and confident, one listen and you’ll be hooked. ‘Live On Maui’ is an inventive, sophisticated live album that’s bound to please anyone remotely interested in any genre of Jazz.” John Beaudin QMFM Radio “Did Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's parents have a premonition by naming him Gabriel ? We earthlings have been so blessed with the versatile, cool, funky and even celestial sounds produced by this US born, Vancouver artist that it makes me wonder if the arch angel himself has personally sprinkled Hasselbach with a little extra talent and ability.” Darryl Klause - host - City Jazz -My City Radio "I have added the Hasselbach disc to our rotation. I like "Moanin'" that's a good one! Mike Jacobs , KIOS Omaha “We're really enjoying the new Live on Maui CD! It's been in a heavy rotation for a few weeks now, and we're reporting our spins to Gavin's Jazz chart” Bob Stewart, KCCK Cedar Rapids "Live On Maui is getting tons of calls and air play on our Quiet Storm show. It is going to heavy rotation, and we will report to Gavin." Robert Griffin, KABF Little Rock "It's not slow, smooth jazz, but has a great drive making for a great, moving evening....." COME OUT SWINGIN' (1998 remastered 2017) "...a jazz master class.... if you are looking for an amazing collection of well performed jazz pieces, this is your album." Bob D'Eith [The Voice] This is a rich, fantastic jazz album featuring the seductive horns of Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Sandy Shore/ "On previous recordings, Vancouver instrumentalist Mark Hasselbach has lingered a place that doesn't show what he can do. On this CD he opens things up shows superb tone on on both flute and trumpet." Marke Andrews [Vancouver Sun] "Hasselbach's first instrument is trumpet, but since he discovered MIDI and other technology, he's rarely limited himself to tootling for its own sake." Tom Harrison [Province] "Come Out Swingin' is a fine recording of mainstream jazz; Hasselbach clearly understands the genre, and so does his crack quartet..... Multi-instrumentalists often sound capable on their instruments, but rarely exceptional; Hasselbach demonstrates a command on each and every one of his chosen instruments that is impressive..... fans of more mainstream jazz will be impressed by the approach Hasselbach has taken to a set of well-worn standards; in his hands they are well-worth revisiting." John Kelman "Hasselbach embraces his music totally in his ability to transform his musical ideas intelligently for the discerning ears of the listener in clear, cogent, musical language.....without resorting to technique-oriented double talk. He offers his listeners the essence of the finer elements of jazz, delivered to our ears for sensuous pleasure. What an nice surprise...." George W.Carroll ejazz news "Hasselbach has assembled a collection of standards and originals [and] gives them extremely listenable treatments..... 'You Don't Know What Love Is' remains my favourite ..... Hasselbach brings exceptionally cool flute to it and infuses a detached tone that still isn't devoid of emotion. It broods and hovers .... I liked the sense of space created .... room to remind anyone over-familiar with it just how lovely it is. I think it is a tribute to any musician or band if they can extract another shade of blue from this old-timer and still leave the listener wanting to hear it again .... they do that. Throughout the tracks there is plenty of meaty soloing from GMH in particular, purposefully constructed and full of ideas .. very much to discover and enjoy here. [Paul Donnelly U.K. Press] Performance: 5, Sound: 4, “Hasselbach plays a very sweet melodic trumpet. He also plays flugelhorn, flute, trombone and evi. The music, a combination of classics with a couple of originals really swings. "Angel Eyes" shows Gabriel's romantic side. Miles Black tickles the ivories, standing out on "Blue Miles". Craig Scott plays drums with Miles Foxx Hill on bass. Guest vocalist Michael Buble' rounds out the session on a nice arrangement of "I've Got You Under My Skin". The variety of approaches and strong arrangements make an inviting set that you'll want to listen to repeatedly.... “ [O's Place Jazz Newsletter] PASSION (1989) "Striving for the crossover of Dave Grusin and crowd and he succeeds." Marke Andrews [Vancouver Sun] "Nice sound....catchy beat...there's an audience for this." Lois Moody [Ottawa Herald] SOLAR WINDS (1981 remastered 2018) "Smooth as burnished steel....remarkable versatility." Douglas Todd [Vancouver Sun] "Its tunes stand up, and even cheer....enhanced by Hasselbach's fine flute work...lovely..breezy." Sandra Burlingame [Earshot Jazz Magazine] "Hasselbach's Solar Winds is a masterpiece....innovative work that distinctly marks him a leader in his field...impeccable musical credentials on trumpet, flute, trombone, flugelhorn, alto sax, bass flute, and kalimba." [RPM Weekly] "We think it's terrific! Solar Winds is on our playlist as of this week." [KKGO Radio Los Angeles] "Hasselbach admirably fills the chair in this city as first call trumpet players go, and when it comes to writing fine contemporary charts, his name isn't far from the top of the list either." Dave Grierson [Georgia Straight] "His abilities as a composer are on a par with his competence as a musician and I have no trouble seeing his material being picked up by others....Solar Winds should find favor with a wide cross section of listeners." Alex Varty [Georgia Straight] HASSELBLAST! (1986) " .... Hasselblast! [Hasselbach's 1986 album] ... was 20 years ahead of its day. It was better than Botti is now, and right in there with Hubert Laws in terms of contemporary jazz flute" Arnold Schwisberg, Broadcaster and Founder & Producer of Jazz On The Mountain At Whistler (2011 comment) "Gabriel Mark may look like a mild mannered young executive with a horn, but appearances mask a funkmeister of diverse talents." Elle O'Day [Georgia Straight] "... an adventurous dive into techno-funk steeped in atmosphere...many rich textures..." Tom Harrison [Canadian Musician Magazine] "When does Hasselbach breathe?" Murray Ginsberg [International Musician Magazine]