Album Credits for OPEN INVITATION (C released Jan 18, 2014) WTM 361395 UPC 799471723654 1. Count Me In (feat Adam Rohrlick) 4:36 CAHG51400002 2. Propulsion (feat Greg Manning) 4:10 CAHG51400001 3. Open Invitation (feat Cal Harris, Jr) 4:58 CAHG51400003 4. Init2Winit (feat Damien Walsh) 4:48 CAHG51400004 5. Charmed Life (feat Bob Baldwin) 4:45 CAHG51400005 6. Lovelight (feat DeeDee and Brittani) 4:38 CAHG51400006 7. Let’s Do This Thang (feat Olaf DeShield) 4:45 CAHG51400007 8. Let It Slide (feat Bob Mintzer) 5:10 CAHG51400008 9. Aurora Borealis (feat Rock Hendricks) 4:52 CAHG51400009 10. Carte Blanche (feat Cory Weeds) CAHG51400010 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: all trumpet, alto and c flutes, flugelhorn, valve trombone, evi Lew Laing Jr: all keyboards, bass, programming Greg Manning; piano solo (Propulsion) Bob Baldwin: piano solo (Charmed Life) Bob Mintzer: tenor sax (Let It Slide) Cal Harris Jr: piano solo (Open Invitation) Rock Hendricks: tenor sax (Aurora Borealis) Cory Weeds: alto sax (Carte Blanche) Adam Rohrlick: guitar parts and solos (Count Me In, Init2Winit) Olaf Deshield: guitar solo (Let's Do This Thang) Dameian Walsh: tenor sax (Init2Winit) Sekou Bunch: bass (Count Me In, Init2Winit, Propulsion) Tony Saunders: bass (Aurora Borealis) Dee & Brittani Cole: vocals (Lovelight) Allen 'EZ' Smithee: drums Dedicated to the late Alan Ash, a great friend and supporter, who supplied me with hand picked trumpets over the years (that I still use!) Mastering and mix consultant: Craig Zurba (MR&D); Photo credits: John Rak (Artona Group) for all shots except cd tray; Sylvia Ronahan for under cd tray; Graphics: Windtunnel Multimedia; Sheet music prep: Miles Black Music; Pressing Preproduction: Troy Tremblay ( Many thanks to all the great contributors and who helped make this record a reality. You are all stars in your own rights, and I am honored to have you as guests and collaborators on this project! Sylvia Ronahan, my loving wife, friend, muse, and unconditional supporter; Neal Sapper for 20 years of getting my stuff to radio; Willi Germann jazz consultant; Lew Laing for being a simpatico musical genius and astute musicality across the board; Dave Love at Innovative Entertainment Solutions; Doug and Mary Kirk and Stu Berketo at WAVE.FM; Rino Zalamea and Jesse Brook at Long and McQuade for excellent horn servicing; Derek and Diane Oelmann for providing a sweet musical homebase; Raj Mutti and Johnny Rock DeFazio for jazzin' up the Hard Rock; From Lew: The way we composed and recorded this project was so very 21st at its best! Gabe your a consummate professional, great businessman, producer, fantastic musician, #1 on the planet email sender, and through all the re-takes and revisions, we got it done! Its been my pleasure working with you on Open Invitation, I just hope all your fans enjoy the music and much as we enjoyed making it! Shoutout to all the great musicians who played on the tracks with us, to Dee and Brittani Cole, and to our trusty Macs which worked their butts off as we mixed this record! FB: Soundcloud: Windtunnel Music SOCAN and Jordan Balter Music BMI
Album Credits for GABRIEL’S HOLIDAY NOTES (C released Nov 1, 1988, updated and rereleased 2018) UPC 778224173724 1. Baby It’s Cold Outside (feat Kate Hammett-Vaughan and Gabe as Satchmo) 3:23 CAHG50700076 2. Christmastime Is Here 4:38 CAHG50700072 3. Feliz Navidad 4:24 CAHG50700082 4. Let It Snow 4:16 CAHG50700073 5. I’ll Be Home for Christmas 3:12 CAHG50700090 6. Linus and Lucy 4:26 CAHG50700086 7. Merry Christmas Darling 3:33 CAHG50700083 8. Santa Baby 3:54 CAHG50700074 9. White Christmas 5:13 CAHG50700079 10. Sleigh Ride 4:55 CAHG50700092 11. Winter Wonderland 4:07 CAHG50700084 12. What Are You Doing New Years? (feat Jimm Taylor) 4:38 CAHG50700081 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: Satchmo vocal, trumpet, flute, flugelhorn Kate Hammett-Vaughan: vocal Baby It’s Cold Outside Jimm Taylor: vocal What Are You Doing New Years? Miles Black, Eric Vaughn, Diane Lines, Luis Giraldo, Miles Foxx-Hill: keys & bass Rayford Griffin, Jimm Taylor, Miles Black, Tony Chamberlist: drums Recorded at Windtunnel, Carltone, Waterstreet and Ocean Studios 1989-2000 Remastered at Windtunnel Studios 2018
Album Credits for KISSED BY THE SUN (C released Aug 12, 2012) WT 361399 UPC 781877003874 1. King James (feat. Rock Hendricks) 4:36 Gabriel Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) and Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700145 2. Lock It Up (feat. Walle Larsson) 5:28 Gabriel Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) and Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700146 3. Kindness 5:12 Gabriel Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) and Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700147 4. Funk In Deepfreeze (feat. Chuck Loeb) 5:15 Hank Mobley (EMI-Unart Catalog Inc) CAHG50700148 5. UnReal Blues 4:44 J eff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) and Anthony Crawford (Ace Sixx Music/BMI) CAHG50700149 6. Kissed By The Sun 4:46 Gabriel Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) and Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700150 7. It’s Real (feat. Rob Tardik) 4:49 Gabriel Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) and Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700151 8. Starpixie 4:15 Gabriel Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) and Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700152 9. Ready When You Are 4:18 Gabriel Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) and Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700153 10. No One Like You (feat. Jeff Lorber) 4:11 Gabriel Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) and Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700154 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, valve trombone, alto flute, evi Jeff Lorber: keys, guitar, bass Chuck Loeb: guitar on Funk In DeepFreeze Brian Bromberg: bass on Funk In Deep Freeze Rock Hendricks: tenor sax on King James Walle Larsson: tenor sax on Lock It Up Rob Tardik: solo guitar on It's Real Oliver Lieber: guitar on King James, No One LikeYou, & It's Real Gary Novak: drums on Funk In Deep Freeze & Kindness Li’l John Roberts: drums on No One Like You Jimmy Brandly: percussion on Starpixie, Lock It Up, Kissed By The Sun Anthony Crawford: bass on UnReal Blues Tony Moore: drums on King James, Kissed By The Sun, Star Pixie, Ready When You Are, Lock It Up & UnReal Blues Photos by Elle Camino Photography except back cover by SJR. Graphics by Wind Tunnel Multimedia Gabriel plays his Signature Wedge mouthpieces exclusively. All songs written by Jeff Lorber and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. and published by Songs of Lorb (ASCAP),and WindTunnel Music (SOCAN), except Funk In Deep Freeze, written by Hank Mobley and published by EMI Unart Catalog Inc. Special thanks to Dr. David Harrison at Wedge; Allan Ash Music; Eloisa Sanchez-Cioma; Randolph Borromeo; Tak Maeda; Massullo Music; Miles Black; Bob Kroeker; Willi Germann; Anthony Chamberlist; Stephan Earest; Jeremy Monteiro; Troy Tremblay; Mary and Doug Kirk... And my wife, my biggest fan and supporter, Sylvia Ronahan, who loves and believes in me and my music without reservation. The "underheard' Brian Savage could not be on this project due to technical reasons. but I thank him for the musical contribution nonetheless. Likewise with Paul Brown, Steve Oliver, Marion Meadows & Miles Black, who I hoped to have as guests on this recording.
Album Credits for 'COOL DOWN’ (released March 15, 2008)
Album Credits for MIDCENTURY MODERN VOL 1 (C released April 26, 2018) WTM 361403 UPC 829982098733 1. Mississippi Jump (Larry Nash/Will Love Music) ISRC CAHG51800001 2. Gibraltar (feat. Miles Black) (Freddie Hubbard/Hubtones Music) ISRC CAHG51800002 3. Nature Boy (feat. Mike Taylor) (Eden Ahbez/Golden World) ISRC CAHG51800003 4. Blues On My Mind (feat. Cory Weeds) (Benny Golson/Time Step Music) ISRC CAHG51800004 5. So What …. Now? (Miles Davis/Kobalt Songs Music Publishing) ISRC CAHG51800005 6. Terra Firma Irma (feat. Ernie Watts) (Joe Gordon/Second Floor Music Obo) ISRC CAHG51800006 7. UberSmooth (Fulton Tashombe/DocShombe Music + Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN) ISRC CAHG51800007 8. Comin' Home For Mardi Gras (Gary Comeau + Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN) ISRC CAHG51800008 9. Mississippi Jump (radio mix) (Larry Nash/Will Love Music) ISRC CAHG51800009 Gabriel: trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, valve ‘bone, vocal on #8 Miles Black: piano Laurence Mollerup: bass Joel Fountain: drums Ernie Watts: tenor sax #6 Cory Weeds: tenor sax #4 Mike Taylor: vocal #3 Olaf deShield: guitar #9 Recorded 2017-2019 at Windtunnel Multimedia, Carltone, and Big City Recording studios, Engineered by Gabriel. Miles Black, and Paul Tavenner respectively.
Album Credits for MIDCENTURY MODERN VOL 2 (C released Aug 23, 2019) RADIO PROMOTION:: LISA REEDY Windtunnel Records WTM361405 UPC720355364281 1. Superblue ISRC CAHG51800010 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (flug), Miles Black (pno), Lawrence Mollerup (acbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Composer - Benard Ighner 2. Driftin' ISRC CAHG51800012 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (tpt), Cory Weeds (ts), Miles Black (pno), Lawrence Mollerup (acbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Composer - Herbie Hancock 3. Mamacita ISRC CAHG51800018 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (tpt), Miles Black (pno, acbass), Joel Fountain (drms) Composer - Joe Henderson 4. Jazz 'n' Samba ISRC CAHG51800013 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (flug, flute), Miles Black (pno), Lawrence Mollerup (acbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Composer - Antonio Carlos Jobim Composer - Norman Gimbel. Composer - Vinicius de Moraes 5. Chick's Tune ISRC CAHG51800016 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (tpt), Ernie Watts (ts), Miles Black (pno), Lawrence Mollerup (acbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Composer - Chick Corea 6. Blue Soul ISRC CAHG51800011 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (tpt), Miles Black (pno), Lawrence Mollerup (acbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Composer - Richard (Blue) Allen Mitchell 7. Nature Boy ISRC CAHG51800015 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (flug), Miles Black (pno), Lawrence Mollerup (acbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Composer - Eden Ahbez 8. Sister Sadie ISRC CAHG51800014 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (tpt, tb), Miles Black (pno), Lawrence Mollerup (acbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Composer - Horace Silver 9. I'm Gonna Go Fishin' ISRC CAHG51800019 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (tpt), Miles Black (org), Lawrence Mollerup (acbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Composer - Duke Ellington, Composer - Peggy Lee 10. Superblue (Radio Mix) ISRC CAHG51800017 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (flug), Miles Black (pno), Gord Lemon (elbass), Joel Fountain (drms), Olaf DeShield (gtr), Composer - Benard Ighner
Album Credits for SWEET and SEXY (C compilation released Nov 10, 2017) Disc 1 1. Lovelight (from Open Invitation) 2. That Look In Your Eyes ~feat. Miles Black (from Told Ya So) 3. Lyteness (from Cool Down) 4. So In Love (from Seduction) 5. How Long Is Forever? ~feat. Amanda Wood (from Told Ya So) 6. Beyond The Stars (from Told Ya So) 7. Astral Plane (from Cool Down) 8. Slow Hot Wind (from Swingin’ Affair) 9. Aurora Borealis ~feat Rock Hendricks (from Open Invitation) 10. Funk In Deepfreeze ~feat. Chuck Loeb (from Kissed By The Sun) 11. Make This Dream Last Forever (from First Name Basis) 12. Soulmates (from From Hawaii With Love) 13. Pastels (from Told Ya So) 14. A Kiss To Build A Dream On ~feat. Gabriel vox (from Swingin’ Affair) Disc 2 1. I’ve Got You Under My Skin ~feat. Michael Bublé (from Come Out Swingin’) 2. In Santo Quala ~feat. Marc Antoine (from Told Ya So) 3. Open Invitation ~feat. Cal Harris Jr (from Open Invitation) 4. You Don’t Know What Love Is (from Come Out Swingin’) 5. Ready When You Are ~feat. Jeff Lorber (from Kissed By The Sun) 6. Easy Living (from Swingin’ Affair) 7. Azure Moon (from Told Ya So) 8. To Say Goodbye ~feat. Nancy Ruth (from Swingin’ Affair) 9. Comfort Zone (from First Name Basis) 10. Moonlight In Vermont (from Swingin’ Affair) 11. Living The Good Life ~feat. Torben Oxbol (from From Hawaii With Love) 12. Uber Smooth (from Gabriel’s Horns) 13. Peace Song ~feat. Paul Brown (from Told Ya So)
Liner notes, credits, and album art by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach : ‘MidCentury Modern Vol. 3’, ‘Tongue & Groove’, ‘MidCentury Modern Vol 2’, ‘Radio Gold’, MidCentury Modern Vol 1’, ‘Sweet and Sexy’, ‘Gabriel’s Holiday Notes’, 'Open Invitation’, ‘Kissed By the Sun’, ‘Told Ya So’, ‘First Name Basis’, ‘Gabriel’s Horns’, ’Swingin’ Affair’, ‘From Hawaii With Love’, ‘Come Out Swingin’’, ‘Solar Winds’, ‘Seduction’, ‘Live On Maui’, ‘Wind at Nightfall’ See discography list. Click on ‘About tab above to purchase!
Album Credits for RADIO GOLD (C compilation released Feb 1, 2019 UPC 193428165076 This is Gabriel’s most radio friendly release ever, and includes his nine Billboard hits* (minus his three with Bob Baldwin), plus other new and overlooked funky~smooth tunes. Radio Gold includes tracks from Told Ya So, his 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards ‘Album of the Year’, plus a never before heard gem, written with George Benson, featuring the iconic, late guitarist Ronny Jordan. All are curated for discerning broadcasters! Way After 8 is a previously unreleased track which features the late, seminal Smooth Jazz guitarist Ronny Jordan. Artists include Grag Manning, Bob Baldwin, Lew Laing, Paul Brown, Jeff Lorber, Warren Hill, Rob Tardik, Miles Black, Rock Hendricks, Adam Rohrlick, and many more. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.
King James (feat. Rock Hendricks) 4:17 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700145 Way After 8 (feat. Ronny Jordan) 4:20 (SOCAN/ASCAP/BMI) ISRC CAHG51900001 It's Real (feat. Rob Tardik) 4:10 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700151 Kissed By the Sun 4:09 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700150 Kindness (feat. Jeff Lorber) 4:18 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700147 Shake It Down (feat. Rock Hendricks) 4:10 (SOCAN) ISRC CAHG50700135 Lovelight 4:00 (SOCAN/BMI) ISRC CAHG50700006 Mulberry Street (feat. Jeff Lorber) 4:20 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700098 Cool Down (feat. Rock Hendricks) 4:14 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700094 Equate Her (feat. Paul Brown) 4:12 (SOCAN) ISRC CAHG50700132 East Coast (feat. Warren Hill) 4:24 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700096 Peace Song (feat. Paul Brown) 4:15 (SOCAN) ISRC CAHG50700134 Count Me In (feat. Adam Rohrlick) 3:55 (SOCAN/BMI) ISRC CAHG51400002 *Rockin' the Ribjoint 4:12 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700131 *Propulsion (feat. Greg Manning) 4:11 (SOCAN/BMI) ISRC CAHG51400001 *Charmed Life (feat. Bob Baldwin) 4:11 (SOCAN/BMI) ISRC CAHG51400005 *Lock It Up (feat. Walle Larsson) 4:18 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700146 *Ready When You Are 4:06 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700153 *Starpixie (feat. Jeff Lorber) 3:48 (SOCAN/ASCAP) ISRC CAHG50700152
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Album Credits for TOLD YA SO (C released June 12, 2010) WT 361395 UPC 620969990015 1. Papa Was A Rolling Stone 4:58 CAHG50700130 2. Rockin’ The Ribjoint (feat. Jeff Lorber) 4:34 CAHG50700131 3. Equater Her (feat. Paul Brown) 4:36 CAHG50700132 4. In Santo Quala (feat. Marc Antoine) 4:52 CAHG50700133 5. Peace Song (feat. Paul Brown) 4:59 CAHG50700134 6. Shake It Down (feat. Rock Hendricks) 4:51 CAHG50700135 7. That Look In Your Eyes (feat. Miles Black) 4:49 CAHG50700136 8. Haranara 4:34 CAHG50700137 9. Pastels 4:47 CAHG50700138 10. Releasing (feat. Darren Rahn) 4:09 CAHG50700139 11. Beyond The Stars (feat. Miles Black) 4:59 CAHG50700140 12. How Long Is Forever? (feat Amanda Wood) 4:45 CAHG50700141 13. Azure Moon (feat. Miles Black) 4:56 CAHG50700142 14. The Road Less Travelled 4:19 CAHG50700143
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Tracks 14-19 are past Billboard hits Session musicians include:
TRUMPET, FLUTE, FLUGELHORN, VALVE 'BONE: Gabriel Mark Hasselbach; KEYS and KEY BASS: Miles Black (6,10,12); Greg Manning (15); Lew Laing, (7, 13); Bob Baldwin (16); Jeff Lorber (1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 14, 17, 18, 19). SAX: Warren Hill (11); Rock Hendricks, (1, 6); Walle Larsson (17); GUITAR: Ronny Jordan (2); Paul Brown (10, 12); Rob Tardik (3); Adam Rohrlick, (13); Oliver Lieber (1); Dave Neal (14); DRUMS: Gary Novak (5), Tony Moore (1, 2, 4, 17, 19) with programming by Jeff Lorber (8, 9, 11, 14, 18); Lew Laing, Jr programming (7, 13, 15, 16). Miles Black programming (6, 10, 12). VOCALS: Dee & Brittani Cole (7).
Recorded 2017-2018 at Windtunnel Multimedia, Carltone, and Big City Recording studios, engineered by Gabriel., Miles Black, and Paul Tavenner respectively.
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C 2008-2017 Windtunnel Records WTM 361390 UPC: 830159001463 1. Cool Down (feat Rock Hendricks) 4:54 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN +J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700094 2. Come Back Home (Song for the Soldiers) 4:24 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700095 3. East Coast (feat Warren Hill) 4:55 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700096 4. Snap To It! 4:53 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700097 5. Mulberry Street (feat Jeff Lorber) 4:42 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + R. Hendricks/Lemuria Music/BMI) CAHG50700098 6. Lyteness 4:54 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700099 7. Check This Out (feat Victor Bailey) 3:50 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700100 8. Astral Plane 4:54 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700101 9. Sign Your Name 4:23 Terence Trent D’Arby/Virgin EMI CAHG50700102 10. Berlin 4:46 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700103 11. Recife 4:52 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700104 12. What's Now (feat Jeff Lorber) 4:35 G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music/SOCAN + J. Lorber/Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) CAHG50700105 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, alto flute, piccolo, EVI Jeff Lorber: keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion Victor Bailey: bass (7) Warren Hill: alto sax (3) Rock Hendricks: tenor sax (1) Melody Diachun: vocals (2, 6, 9, 11) Miles Black: tasty tidbits (9) Allan 'Lupe' Smithee: drums Recorded at JHL Studios LA, and Windtunnel Studios Vancouver Remastered at Windtunnel Studios 2017
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Album Credits for 'SWINGIN’ AFFAIR’ (C released May 10, 2005) UPC 0
1 WTM 361384
Album Credits for 'FIRST NAME BASIS’ (C released April 10, 2005) UPC: 0821228809721 WTM 361383
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1 TAKE THAT! 3:45 CA-HG5-07-00020 2 LOOKING YOUR WAY 3:39 CA-HG5-07-00034 3 ALL WAYS, ALWAYS 3:36 CA-HG5-07-00028 4 BEEN AROUND THE WORLD (feat Dee Daniels) 4:52 CA-HG5-07-00033 5 MAKE THIS DREAM LAST FOREVER 4:35 CA-HG5-07-00029 6 COMFORT ZONE 5:34 CA-HG5-07-00021 7 TEMPTING FATE 5:07 CA-HG5-07-00031 8 SEVEN POOLS 5:02 CA-HG5-07-00030 9 WHITE FLAG 3:57 CA-HG5-07-00026 10 RENDEZVOUS UNDER THE STARS 6:14 CA-HG5-07-00099
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, trombone, EVI Dee Daniels - vocal on #4 Miles Black - all rhythm Tony Chamberlist - percussion David W Neal - guitar on #8 All songs written by Miles Black and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (Miles Black Music/Windtunnel Music /SOCAN) except #10 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music /SOCAN) except #4 Stansfield/ Devaney/ Morris (BMG Songs /ASCAP) except #9 Armstrong/ Armstrong/ Nowels (Warner Chappel Music /SESAC)
Album Credits for 'GABRIEL’S HORNS’ (C released May 10, 2003, remastered 2017 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach WTM 361376 UPC 778224159628
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, valve trombone, Akai EVI (vibes #4, 12), Jeffrey Holl: guitar and keys #7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 Adam Rohrlick: guitar #5 Fulton Tashombe: keys #1, 3, 9 Christine Duncan: vocals #8,11, 12, 13, 14 P.Double 'n Mo: rap Phil Robertson: percussion #5 Kat Hendricks: drums and programming Jordan Forseth: drums #10 Rock Hendricks: saxes #6 Gabriel assembled like-minded artists to create a new sound that melded smooth jazz with a British flair, along the lines of firebrand UK guitarist Ronny Jordan. Folding in a little spice from the Tower of Power recipe book, and even a little Chuck Mangione sauce, Gabriel tells a story in colors and textures, and ties it all up with a good strong groove! Gabriel says: ”In this age of specialization, it is a challenge to be a specialist in diversification, yet this is where I find myself." The critics raved and said this: “If Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s music is jazz, then Gabriel’s Horns could sell as a franchise. It is targeted to listeners who play music to brighten their days. Hasselbach achieves this goal beautifully in just over 60 minutes. The sound is slickly dripped with an honesty that makes this music hard to place within jazz, or without it. Accomplished and relaxing, Gabriel’s Horns has value added in production elements that serve to remove the edge from any given day. “Uber Smooth” uses raindrop keyboard effects reminiscent of the Doors’ “Riders on the Storm,” yet this song contrasts the spatial effect with highly competent horn playing. “Groovalicious Bumpus” shakes you out of sedation in a nine-minute groove that pumps with purposeful attitude. “When You Look for Love” would be smooth jazz radio’s obvious choice. “Soulmates” soothingly explores musical paths that were defined 20 years ago, but it does so well. The back half of the record reestablishes a rejuvenating catharsis of smooth music. The title track is the best song on this record, a potpourri of winded aural environments with a lovely melody line spaced by layered keyboard textures. Critics may deem this record to be too slick. If slick is bad, Hasselbach is guilty, but he unabashedly excels in the music’s mainstream. Gabriel’s Horns is absolutely produced. The mix is clear yet textured, incorporating a world of sounds. The whole record holds 4/4 time, songs are strategically slow-faded, and the last two tracks are vocal reprisals of their former selves. This record is as much created as played. Gabriel’s Horns packs musical ideas into a density that acknowledges commerce, but Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is easily talented enough to deviate from that norm in the future. If you think real jazz must be hard to grasp, you won’t like this record. Those of us who shun that debate are drawn to this music as a fan is to art.” (Staff Review) "Highly competent horn playing.... a potpourri of winded aural environments..... unabashedly excels in the music's mainstream" Gregory J. Robb "GABRIEL'S HORNS has a long shelf life, you will not be taking this one out of the CD player anytime soon." Sandy Shore/ “Good Smooth Jazz should appeal to a wider audience but maintain some semblance of Jazz and this album does that....... catchy grooves .... an ingredient that may please the traditionalists who are not usually open to Smooth Jazz....... I see "Gabriel's Horns" as another hit album in a very successful career." John Beaudin 103.1 The Breeze/ "Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is a talented multi-instrumentalist whose music receives prominent airplay on the Jazz Cafe channel here at Max Trax. Maui Rain has a smooth groove that fits in perfectly with our sound. This bright, sunny song is only the first of what I hope to be several single releases from "Gabriel's Horns" -- we want more!" Carol Ann Murray, MaxTrax Performance: 5, Sound: 4, “Gabriel reigns as one of Canada's best contemporary jazz artists. He plays trumpet, flugelhorn, flutes and percussion all with a warm, smooth character. Most of the music was written and produced by Hasselbach with strong contributions from Jeff Holl (guitar, keyboards). The tunes immediately sound familiar and relaxing. Upbeat vocals from Christine Duncan add variety to the mix including a fresh arrangement of " Chain of Fools". Some of the best are "Uber Smooth", "Turn On To Summer", "When You Look For Love" and "Concubine" but we guarantee contemporary jazz lovers will find lots to like among the 13 tracks.“ [O's Place Jazz Newsletter]
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1. Gabriel's Horns 4:43 CAHG50700106 (Fulton Tashombe/Gabriel Hasselbach/DocShombe Music/Windtunnel Music) 2. Maui Rain 4:22 CAHG50700022 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music) 3. Uber Smooth 3:49 CAHG50700024 (Fulton Tashombe/Gabriel Hasselbach/DocShombe Music/Windtunnel Music) 4. Turn On To Summer (inst) 4:43 CAHG50700023 (Jeffrey Holl/Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music) 5. Concubine 4:42 CAHG50700107 (Adam Rohrlick/Andreas Schuld/Windtunnel Music) 6. Groovalicious Bumpus (feat. Rock Hendricks) 4:20 CAHG50700032 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music) 7. When You Look For Love (inst) 3:46 CAHG50700027 (Jeffrey Holl/Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music) 8. Love System (feat. Christine Duncan) 4:34 CAHG50700037 (Jeffrey Holl/Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music) 9. Soulmates 4:50 CAHG50700025 (Fulton Tashombe/Gabriel Hasselbach/DocShombe Music/Windtunnel Music) 10. View From the Shore 4:00 CAHG50700108 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music) 11. Chain of Fools (feat. Christine Duncan) 3:50 CAHG50700109 (Don Covay/14th Hour Music/Pronto Music) 12. Turn On To Summer (feat. Christine Duncan) 4:25 CAHG50700038 (Jeffrey Holl/Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music) 13. When You Look For Love (feat. Christine Duncan) 3:56 CAHG50700110 (Jeffrey Holl/GHasselbach/Windtunnel Music) 14. Turn On To Summer (feat. P. Double 'n Mo) 4:42 CAHG50700069 (Jeffrey Holl/Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music)
Album Credits for 'SOLAR WINDS’ C released March 10, 1981, updated & rereleased June 1988, remastered 2017 WT 361380 UPC 014082323520
Album Credits for 'COME OUT SWINGIN’’ (C released April 4 1998, updated & rereleased 2002, remastered 2017) WTM 361373 UPC 0778224169529
"Smooth as burnished steel....remarkable versatility." Douglas Todd [Vancouver Sun]" Its tunes stand up, and even cheer....enhanced by Hasselbach's fine flute work... lovely..breezy." Sandra Burlingame [Earshot Jazz Magazine] "Hasselbach's Solar Winds is a masterpiece.... innovative work that distinctly marks him a leader in his field... impeccable musical credentials on trumpet, flute, trombone, flugelhorn, alto sax, bass flute, and kalimba." [RPM Weekly] "We think it's terrific! Solar Winds is on our playlist as of this week." [KKGO Radio Los Angeles] "Hasselbach admirably fills the chair in this city as first call trumpet players go, and when it comes to writing fine contemporary charts, his name isn't far from the top of the list either." Dave Grierson [Georgia Straight] "His abilities as a composer are on a par with his competence as a musician and I have no trouble seeing his material being picked up by others.... Solar Winds should find favor with a wide cross section of listeners." Alex Varty [Georgia Straight]
"...a jazz master class.... if you are looking for an amazing collection of well performed jazz pieces, this is your album." Bob D'Eith [The Voice] This is a rich, fantastic jazz album featuring the seductive horns of Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Sandy Shore/ "On previous recordings, Vancouver instrumentalist Mark Hasselbach has lingered a place that doesn't show what he can do. On this CD he opens things up shows superb tone on on both flute and trumpet." Marke Andrews [Vancouver Sun] "Hasselbach's first instrument is trumpet, but since he discovered MIDI and other technology, he's rarely limited himself to tootling for its own sake." Tom Harrison [Province] "Come Out Swingin' is a fine recording of mainstream jazz; Hasselbach clearly understands the genre, and so does his crack quartet..... Multi-instrumentalists often sound capable on their instruments, but rarely exceptional; Hasselbach demonstrates a command on each and every one of his chosen instruments that is impressive..... fans of more mainstream jazz will be impressed by the approach Hasselbach has taken to a set of well-worn standards; in his hands they are well-worth revisiting." John Kelman "Hasselbach embraces his music totally in his ability to transform his musical ideas intelligently for the discerning ears of the listener in clear, cogent, musical language.....without resorting to technique-oriented double talk. He offers his listeners the essence of the finer elements of jazz, delivered to our ears for sensuous pleasure. What an nice surprise...." George W.Carroll ejazz news "Hasselbach has assembled a collection of standards and originals [and] gives them extremely listenable treatments..... 'You Don't Know What Love Is' remains my favourite .... Hasselbach brings exceptionally cool flute to it and infuses a detached tone that still isn't devoid of emotion. It broods and hovers .... I liked the sense of space created .... room to remind anyone over-familiar with it just how lovely it is. I think it is a tribute to any musician or band if they can extract another shade of blue from this old- timer and still leave the listener wanting to hear it again .... they do that. Throughout the tracks there is plenty of meaty soloing from GMH in particular, purposefully constructed and full of ideas .. very much to discover and enjoy here. [Paul Donnelly U.K. Press] Performance: 5, Sound: 4, “Hasselbach plays a very sweet melodic trumpet. He also plays flugelhorn, flute, trombone and evi. The music, a combination of classics with a couple of originals really swings. "Angel Eyes" shows Gabriel's romantic side. Miles Black tickles the ivories, standing out on "Blue Miles". Craig Scott plays drums with Miles Foxx Hill on bass. Guest vocalist Michael Buble' rounds out the session on a nice arrangement of "I've Got You Under My Skin". The variety of approaches and strong arrangements make an inviting set that you'll want to listen to repeatedly.... “ [O's Place Jazz Newsletter
Album Credits for 'SEDUCTION’ (C released May 11, 1994, remastered 2017) WTM UPC 0771637001422 Originally released 1994 on Eureka Records
Remastered and released 2017 on WT 361381 UPC 0-7-7163-70014-2-2 1. Seduction 3:40 CA-HG5-07-00019 K. Hendrikse (KatBeat Music/ SOCAN & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) 2. It All Comes Down To You 5:03 CA-HG5-07-10019 N. Pedersen & Dee Richardson (Blue Vein Music/ SOCAN & Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) 3. So In Love 3:48 CAHG50700018 Voltaire & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN) 4. Sierra Dreams 4:57 CAHG50712019 K. Hendrikse (KatBeat Music/ SOCAN) & Miles Black (Miles Black Music) & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN) 5. The Miracle 4:11 CAHG50712319 Voltaire & C Ducommun & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN) 6. I've Been Watching You (feat Russ Klyne) 4:11 CAHG50722319 K. Hendrikse (KatBeat Music/ SOCAN Terry Frewer (Dream Forest Music/ SOCAN & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN) 7. Pleasure Palace 4:58 CAHG50732319 K. Hendrikse (KatBeat Music/ SOCAN) & Miles Black (Miles Black Music) & Tom Colclough & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN) 8. La Isla Bonita 4:10 CAHG50732327 Madonna Ciccione & B. Gaith & P. Leonard/ Warner Chappel Music Inc. 9. Ali's Groove 3:38 CAHG50732328 K. Hendrikse (KatBeat Music/ SOCAN & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) 10. The Voyage 1:23 CAHG50732329 GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN) 11. Sea Of Tranquility 3:38 CAHG50732330 K. Hendrikse (KatBeat Music/ SOCAN) & Miles Black (Miles Black Music) & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN) 12. Crescent City Shuffle 4:47 CAHG50732331 K. Hendrikse (KatBeat Music/ SOCAN) & Miles Black (Miles Black Music) & GM Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN) Personnel: Gabriel Mark Hasselbach- trumpet, flute, flugelhorn,EVI, trombone Kat Hendrikse- Drums, percussion, keyboards, bass Miles Black- keyboards and keys solos Tom Colclough- tenor sax (9) & alto sax (2) Russ Klyne- vocal (6) Leslie Harris- vocalese (8) Voltaire- vocalese (9) & programming (5) Niels Pedersen- keys and production assistance (2) Sierra Katrian- vocalese (6 & 11) Terry Frewer- vocalese (9)
The British Columbia born Nancy Ruth and the California born Dee Daniels are well known in Canada for their CDs. Nancy Ruth's It's Got To Be Love and Dee Daniels' Love Story and Feel So Good were very well received by both critics and jazz fans.Hasselbach is the epitome of versatility. He plays flute, alto flute, trumpet, flugelhorn and valve trombone. The surprise is that he seamlessly switches and makes each axe appear as his favorite. Hasselbach is also part of Tom Lavin's Powder Blues, a band that Canadians and the rest of the world have loved since 1978. From the opening strains of Horace Silver's "Senor Blues" to the closer, Satchmo's "A Kiss To Build A Dream On", the Hasselbach quartet cooks passionately. The group's reading of "Easy Living" is, to this reviewer, a showpiece. Hasselbach switches back and forth between muted trumpet and alto flute. The soloist's fresh approach rivals the appeal of my longtime favorite version by John Lewis and Bill Perkins. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's talents stretch out into the world of composition. His Latin tinged "El Tapatico" is both exciting and memorable. Vocalist Dee Daniels and Hasselbach collaborated on "Kiss Me Baby." The fiery, rocker is a great vehicle for Daniel's four octave chops. Pianist Andy Weyl and the rhythm section get a workout. Swingin' Affair has been in the house for three weeks and is already a favorite. It's a flawless performance by a group that's "very-together." Five stars! Jazz Review Richard Bourcier
Here's a musician who has been branded with a number of musical styles. With nine CDs behind him, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach shows great versatility. Having heard of his reputation as a smooth-jazz performer, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Swingin' Affair that is very much in the time-honored jazz mainstream. It swings! Born in Denver, Colorado, the multi- instrumentalist makes his home on Canada's west coast, specifically Vancouver, British Columbia. On this CD, Hasselbach recruited two Vancouver vocalists to share the studio session.
1 Senor Blues 4:48 CAHG51300144 H. Silver/Ecaroh Music (ASCAP) 2 To Say Goodbye (Pra Dizer Adeus) (vocal- Nancy Ruth) 4:18 CAHG51300012 L. Hall/T. Neto/E. Lobo/Warner Chappell Edicoes Musicals (BMI) 3 Easy Living 5:31 CA-HG51300043 R. Ranger/L. Robin/Famous Music Corp (ASCAP) 4 El Tapatico 6:05 CA-HG51300008 C. Aarons and G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music (SOCAN) 5 Kiss Me Baby (vocal- Dee Daniels) 6:02 CAHG51300015 Dee Daniels-Fleming/3XD Music (SOCAN) and G. Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music (SOCAN) 6 Slow Hot Wind 5:19 CAHG51300010 H. Mancini/N. Gimbel/Northridge Music Co/Gimbel Music (BMI) 7 Nutville 5:33 CAHG51300001 H. Silver/Ecaroh Music (ASCAP) 8 Moonlight In Vermont 4:53 CAHG513-00044 K. Suessdorf/J. Blackburn/Michael J. Golden Inc (ASCAP) 9 Lover Come Back To Me 6:15 CAHG51300145 G. Hammerstein/Warner Bros. Music (ASCAP) and S. Romberg/Redwood Music (PRS) 10 A Kiss To Build A Dream On (vocal- Gabriel) 5:45 CAHG51300014 B. Kalmar/H. Ruby/O. Hammerstein/EMI Miller Catalog (ASCAP) Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, flugelhorn, C and alto flutes, trombone, EVI and vocal on #10 Nancy Ruth: vocal on #2 Dee Daniels: vocal on #5 Andy Weyl: piano Paul Romain: drums Recorded at Mile Hi Studios Denver and Windtunnel Multimedia Vancouver Produced by Gabriel Hasselbach Executive Producer: Kathleen Buzik for kiss me baby! productions Artwork: Jack Price Graphic Design: Windtunnel Multimedia
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, alto flute, trombone, EVI Miles Black - piano solo on #11 & #13, guitar solo on #7 and rhythm (except #2 and #14) Jeff Lorber - keys and rhythm on #2 Paul Brown - guitar on #2 and #5 Marc Antoine - guitar on # 4 Darren Rahn - sax on #10 Amanda Wood - vocal on #12 and bgs on #1 Rock Hendricks - sax on #6 David Neal - guitar on #2 ~ Except as noted, all songs by Miles Black (Miles Black Music /SOCAN) and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN) except #7, #12 & #13 add Glenda Rae (Milenda Music /SOCAN) ~ #1 Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong (Stone Diamond Music Corp EMI/BMI ~ #2 Jeff Lorber (Songs of Lorb/ASCAP) and GabrielMark Hasselbach (Windtunnel Music/SOCAN)
Windtunnel Records WTM361375 UPC: 014823323529 1989, 2003, remastered 2017 1 Island Cruise 3:32 CAHG50700035 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN+ Miles Black/Miles Black Music SOCAN) 2 Across The Canyon 5:53 CAHG50700039 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN) 3 Si Bonita 6:18 CAHG51710001 (Charles Arons & Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN) 4 Use The Power Of Our Love (feat. Andre Montague) 4:55 CAHG50700128 (Gabriel Hasselbach. Catherine Schachtel, Thomas Lavin, Bill Runge) 5 Haleakala Sunrise 4:15 CAHG51710002 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN+ Miles Black/Miles Black Music SOCAN) 6 Flying Fish 6:00 CA-HG51710003 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music /SOCAN) 7 Living The Good Life (feat. Torben Oxbol) 3:08 CA-HG5-07-00129 (Torben Oxbol /Windtunnel Music SOCAN) 8 Make It Work With Love (feat. Andre Montague) 5:31 CA-HG5-07-00127 (Cory Phillips + Gabriel Hasselbach /Windtunnel Music SOCAN) 9 Salsa Picosa 3:58 CA-HG5-07-00036 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN) 10 Sunset Stroll 5:02 CA-HG5-17-10004 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN + Bill Runge/ Windtunnel Music SOCAN) 11 Bodega Bay 6:31 CA-HG5-07-00048 (Graeme Coleman -Windtunnel Music SOCAN) 12 Kanoa (feat. Barbara Fisher) 2:46 CA-HG5-07-00126 (Gabriel Hasselbach Windtunnel Music /SOCAN) 13 Nimbus Fields 3:02 CA-HG5-17-10005 (Gabriel Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music SOCAN) 14 Live On Maui 11:55 CA-HG5-17-10006 -Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, C flute, alto flute, flugelhorn, trombone, EVI -Glenn Riley: bass on #10 -Andre Montegue: vocals on #2, #7 -Marcus Johnson: bass on #14 -Barabara Fisher: vocal on #12 -Jose Ortiz, Sr: perc and vocal on #14 -Ray Garand: guitar on #1, #3, #4, #13 -Pat Coleman: guitar on #6, #12 -Olaf deShield: guitar on #7, #5 -Miles Black: keys and rhythm on #1, -Craig Zurba: keys on #9, #10 , #12 -Graeme Coleman: keys on #6, #11, -Dan Graham: keys on #4 -Glenna Powrie: keys on #7 -Julie Blue: keys on #2 -Rene Worst: bass on #6 & #11 -Torben Oxbol: guitar and rhythm on #8 -Craig Zurba: bass on #5, #9, #10 -Kerry Galloway: bass on #2, #7, #11, #12 -Kat Hendricks: drums on #1, #4, #6, -Don Powrie: drums on #2, #7 -Steve Pugsley: bass on #12 -Sergio Bellotti: percussion on #10, #13 -George Tavoularis: keys on #14 -Dee Daniels: bg vocals on #7 -Paul Marchetti: drums on #14 Recorded at Windtunnel Studios Vancouver and Live at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Maui, HI Remastered at Windtunnel Studios 2017
Album Credits for 'FROM HAWAII WITH LOVE’ (C released in part 1989, rereleased 2002, remastered 2017)
1. Kaila's Song (feat. Kaila) 04:31 CAHG51710007 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/ Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy /Just Dandy Music 2. Wind at Nightfall 03:37 CAHG51710008 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/ Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music 3. Ebony 03:46 CAHG51710009 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music, Paul Zaza/Zaza Music 4. As the Eagle Soars 02:43 CAHG51710010 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music 5. Gentle Flame 03:50 CAHG51710011 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music 6. Flight in the Night 02:31 CAHG51710012 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music 7. Arise 03:59 CAHG51710013 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music 8. Is There Any Love? 05:10 CAHG51710014 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music, Paul Zaza/ Zaza Music 9. Desert Sunrise 04:34 CAHG51710015 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music 10. Walking on Desert Sand 03:12 CAHG51710016 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music 11. The Last Mile 05:05 CAHG51710017 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music 12. Ship Coming In 06:02 CAHG51710018 abriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music, Kaila Dandy/Just Dandy Music Kaila is the inspiration behind this whole project, and is featured on Kaila's Song, and throughout the recording on pianos. On this project Gabriel not only relied on the instruments he is most well known for: muted trumpet, flute (C and Alto), flugelhorn, and valve trombone, but he broke sonic ground with his extensive use of state of the art wind synthesizers* (EVI, WX7, WX11, etc), which he used to play many of the melodies to these dramatic and soulful songs. When you hear a melody line played by an 'oboe', 'french horn', 'nylon string guitar', 'harmonica', 'pan flute', 'solo cello', 'solo violin'.... that is a wind synthesizer played by Gabriel. There was a large cast of talented people who made this recording possible. Executive Producer: Trevor Dandy Producer: Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Arrangers: Tom Keene, Kaila Trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, wind synthesizers*, valve trombone: Gabriel Piano: Kaila Keyboards: Tom Keene, Drums: Ron Aston, Bass: Steve Deutch, Henry Insel, Dave Coy, Guitar: John Hunt, Joaquin Mitchell, String Concertmaster: Pavel Farkos Studios: Martin Sound, Tor-Wood-Lea (Los Angeles); Rainbow Studios, Soundwerks (Vancouver) Engineers: Shawn Michaels,Tom Keene, Ray Garand, Marty Hasselbach
Album Credits for 'Wind at Nightfall’ C released Aug 11, 1994
1 Underground Vibe 5:05 CAHG50700168 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/ Windtunnel Music (SOCAN) and Miles Black/Miles Black Music (SOCAN) 2 You Don't Know What Love Is 5:50 CAHG59600002 Raye/DePaul/MCA Music (ASCAP) 3 I've Got You Under My Skin (feat. Michael Bublé) 5:06 CAHG50700013 Cole Porter/Warner Chappell (ASCAP) 4 Blue Miles 5:47 CAHG59600001 Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/Windtunnel Music (SOCAN) and Miles Black/Miles Black Music (SOCAN) 5 Angel Eyes (feat. Miles Black) 9:21 CAHG50700041 Dennis/Brent/Music Sales Corp (ASCAP) 6 I Love Paris 4:55 CAHG50700007 Cole Porter/Warner Chappell (ASCAP) 7 Lullaby of Birdland 6:26 CAHG50700016 Shearing/Weiss/Longitude Music (BMI) 8 I Love You 4:07 CAHG50700045 Cole Porter/Warner Chappell (ASCAP) 9 'Round Midnight (feat. Miles Black) 7:12 CAHG50700040 Monk/Hanighen/Williams/Warner Chappell (ASCAP) 10 There Will Never Be Another You 3:12 CAHG50700042 Warren/Gordon/Morley Music (ASCAP) 11 Blue Bossa 4:09 CAHG50700011 Dorham/Second Floor Music (BMI) 12 Centerpiece 6:41 CAHG50700009 Hendricks/Edison/Marissa Music/Scott Andrews Music (ASCAP) 13 Angel Eyes (radio edit) 5:27 CAHG50700041 Dennis/Brent/Music Sales Corp (ASCAP) 14 'Round Midnight (radio edit) 5:21 CAHG50700040 Monk/Hanighen/Williams/Warner Chappell (ASCAP)
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, flute, trombone, EVI (organ and vibes) Michael Bublé: vocal on I've Got You Under My Skin Miles Black: piano Craig Scott: drums Miles Foxx Hill: bass Engineer: Gabriel Hasselbach Recorded 1998 at Windtunnel Studios, remastered 2017
Album Credits for 'LIVE ON MAUI’ (C released 2000, out of print)
"A welcome import on the Maui and Hawaiian jazz scene! Great production, terrific tunes, and it sounds hot on my jazz show!" Jack Gist, Jack's Jazz, KAOI Wailuku “This multi-talented musician tackles brass duties with taste; he moves smoothly through flugelhorn, flute, trumpet, and alto flute instrumentation. His grasp of electronic wind instruments is also noteworthy…” Mark D’Antonio, Maui Time Review “… jazz works best when an artist combines different elements of the jazz umbrella and Hasselbach does this on ‘Live On Maui’. Hasselbach’s own Salsa Picosa sounds like a smooth jazz hit single if there ever was one. The vibe here is bright, happy and confident, one listen and you’ll be hooked. ‘Live On Maui’ is an inventive, sophisticated live album that’s bound to please anyone remotely interested in any genre of Jazz.” John Beaudin QMFM Radio “Did Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's parents have a premonition by naming him Gabriel ? We earthlings have been so blessed with the versatile, cool, funky and even celestial sounds produced by this US born, Vancouver artist that it makes me wonder if the arch angel himself has personally sprinkled Hasselbach with a little extra talent and ability.” Darryl Klause - host - City Jazz -My City Radio "I have added the Hasselbach disc to our rotation. I like "Moanin'" that's a good one! Mike Jacobs , KIOS Omaha “We're really enjoying the new Live on Maui CD! It's been in a heavy rotation for a few weeks now, and we're reporting our spins to Gavin's Jazz chart” Bob Stewart, KCCK Cedar Rapids "Live On Maui is getting tons of calls and air play on our Quiet Storm show. It is going to heavy rotation, and we will report to Gavin." Robert Griffin, KABF Little Rock "It's not slow, smooth jazz, but has a great drive making for a great, moving evening....."
“…… a recording that should be in every music library in the country…. an excellent recording which should propel Hasselbach to a prominent position in Canadian music and beyond. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is easily Canada's best kept secret in music, a talent deserving of much broader recognition.” Ray Alexander [Host/Producer of ‘Fascinatin' Rhythm ‘ CKUW Radio', Founder of Jazz Winnipeg Festival & contributor to The Jazz Report Magazine]
"Hasselbach's music is a fresh new sound in the world of Smooth Jazz and I am pleased to inform you that we have added three tracks from his latest works to our main rotate on the Australian Smooth Jazz Radio Network. We will probably add another couple of tracks to our main rotate in the coming months. Like a fine wine, good music must be enjoyed to its fullest. Gabriel Mark's fine artistry seems to successfully combine the commercial aspects of Smooth Jazz with the overtures of true contemporary jazz. I recommend you buy it. And see why the listeners Down Under find it so enjoyable." -Terence Gaynon, Program Director, Australian Smooth Jazz Radio Network
UPC 778224551225 WTM 361373
Album Credits for 'HASSELBLAST’ (C released May 5, 1986, out of print)
Hasselblast! is an esoteric and funky project from 1986, featuring pioneering work with the marriage of midi and brasswinds. EVI, samplers, and Moogs explode into the contemporary jazz and ambient scene. 1. Silver Streak 5:27 CAHG50700047 (Gabriel) Mark Hasselbach 2. High Country 3:31 CAHG50700051 Larry Pink 3. Wake Up and Smell The Coffee 5:16 CAHG50700052 Dane Deviller 4. Kelly’s Song 4:30 CAHG50700053 Dane Deviller 5. Keith’s Hips 6:40 CAHG50700054 Bill Sample 6. Body Politics 6:34 CAHG50700055 (Gabriel) Mark Hasselbach 7. Hasselblast! 2:16 CAHG50700056 (Gabriel) Mark Hasselbach -Dane Deviller 8. RasoirSeulement 4:30 CAHG50700057 (Gabriel) Mark Hasselbach - Harris Van Berkel 9. Spy Funk 5:00 CAHG50700058 Timothy McGuiness 10. Astral Mirage 6:36 CAHG50700060 Timothy McGuiness - (Gabriel) Mark Hasselbach (Gabriel) Mark Hasselbach: trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, trombone, and IVL Pitchrider triggering the AKAI 612 sampler and AX 60 keyboard. Dane Deviller -guitar Bill Sample - keys Daryl Bennett -drums Norm Fisher - bass Timothey McGuiness: programming on #9 & #10
Best of Gabriel Jazz 2 CD + DVD Compilation released in Asia (out of print)
Double Take 2 CD compilation (out of print)
1981 PolyGram
1988 Optimism
2017 Windtunnel
1986 JazzImage
2005 Windtunnel
WTM 361333 UPC 778224551225
No reviews for these out of print releases:
Album Credits for TONGUE & GROOVE C released 2021 on the Mesa Bluemoon label 1. Presence of Mind (feat. Daniel Séguin) * CAHG52100001 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin - Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN 2. Chill@Will (feat. Bob Baldwin) ** CAHG52100003 -Gabriel Hasselbach/ Bob Baldwin - Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Funky Onion Music SESAC 3. Heading North (feat. Paul Brown) * CAHG52100004 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin - Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN 4. Hang On To Your Love CAHG52100005 -Sade Adu and Stuart Matthewman - Sony/ATV Songs LLC o/b/o Angel Music Limited 5. Feels So Good (feat. Grant Geissman) *** CAHG52100006 - Chuck Mangione Gates Music, Inc. 6. Show Me Another Way * CAHG52100007 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin - Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN 7. Litmus Test (feat. Daniel Séguin) CAHG52100008 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin - Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN 8. Daahoud (feat. Chris Standring) CAHG52100009 -Clifford Brown - Second Floor Music o/b/o Second Floor Music 9. Slipstream Turbulence (feat. Brian Hughes) CAHG52100010 - Gabriel Hasselbach - Windtunnel Music SOCAN 10. Vanishing Summer CAHG52100011 -Gabriel Hasselbach/Jeffrey Holl - Windtunnel Music SOCAN 11. You Will Always Be The One * CAHG52100012 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin - Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN 12. Chill@Will (Raincoast mix) ** CAHG52100002 -Gabriel Hasselbach/ Bob Baldwin - Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Funky Onion Music SESAC 13. Feels So Good (Extended mix) (feat. Miles Black & Grant Geissman) *** CAHG52100013 Chuck Mangione - Gates Music, Inc.
Executive Producer: George Nauful Producer: Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Co-produced with Daniel Séguin * with Bob Baldwin ** with Miles Black *** Gabriel Mark Hasselbach ~ flugelhorn, trumpet, flute and alto flute, percussion, programming Daniel Seguin ~ alto sax, tenor sax, keys, bass, drums programming (1, 3, 6, 7, 11) Bob Baldwin ~ keys, programming (2, 12) Paul Brown ~ guitar (3) Brian Hughes ~ guitar (9) Chris Standring ~ guitar (8) Grant Geissman ~ guitar (5, 13) Tony Moore ~ drums (3, 5, 7, 9, 13) Miles Black ~ piano, organ, bass (5, 13) Tony Seville ~ percussion (1, 3, 4, 8, 9) Rossi Tzonkov ~ electric bass (12) Kat Hendricks ~ drums (10) Jeffrey Holl ~ guitar, keys (10) Mastered at MR&D Craig Zurba and Future Disc Steve Hall Agency: Mixed by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach except Damon Castillo (2, 6, 7) and Steve Sykes (5, 13)