In 2017, Gabriel’s entire back catalog was meticulously remastered at Windtunnel Studios and put back up online at all digital distributors, including iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and a host of others. Some distributors are taking longer than others to get the complete set up, but watch for all these gems as they come online. Physical discs are still available at Read all the reviews! 2019 RADIO GOLD 2018 MidCentury Modern Vol. 1 A truly stellar mainstream jazz effort, with a touch of New Orleans, featuring Ernie Watts, Cory Weeds, Miles Black, Joel Fountain, Laurence Mollerup, Mike Taylor, and Olaf deShield. 2017 SWEET AND SEXY (27 track compilation) The most sumptuous and romantic tracks from Gabriel’s extensive catalog. Features: Michael Buble, Amanda Wood, Nancy Ruth, Marc Antoine, Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown, Miles Black, Rock Hendricks 2014 OPEN INVITATION feat Greg Manning, Bob Mintzer, Bob Baldwin, Rock Hendricks, Lew Laing, Jr., and more. (Contains 3 Billboard contemporary jazz hits) 2012 KISSED BY THE SUN (remastered) feat Jeff Lorber, Chuck Loeb, Brian Bromberg, Rock Hendricks, Anthony Crawford, Rob Tardik, Walle Larsson, and more. (Contains 3 Billboard contemporary jazz hits) 2010 TOLD YA SO (remastered) feat Paul Brown, Jeff Lorber, Miles Black, Amanda Wood, & Rock Hendricks. (Contains Gabriel’s first Billboard contemporary jazz hit) 2008 COOL DOWN (remastered) feat Warren Hill, Jeff Lorber, Victor Bailey. (Contemporary jazz fan fave) 2005 SWINGIN’ AFFAIR (remastered) feat Dee Daniels, Nancy Ruth, and Gabriel channeling Satchmo, with backing from the Big Band Trio. (Mainstream jazz) 2004 GABRIEL’S HORNS (remastered) feat Christine Duncan & hiphoppers P. Double ‘n Mo) (Contemporay and acid jazz with some vocals and a bit ‘o rapping) 2003 FROM HAWAII WITH LOVE (remastered) feat Andre Montague [Kenny G singer], & Barbara Fisher. (Contemporay jazz with some vocals and a live Maui concert medley) 1998 COME OUT SWINGIN’ (remastered) feat Michael Bublé before his big rise, and Miles Black. (Mainstream jazz, spent 8 weeks on the JazzWeek charts) 1995 WIND AT NIGHTFALL (remastered) feat Kaila. (Contempoary jazz with orchestra) 1988 SOLAR WINDS (remastered) feat Paul Horn, Andre Montague. (Contemporary jazz containing Gabriel’s first Canadian hit)
The Catalog of Gabriel Mark Hasselbach